Reduced Energy Costs

Heating In Winter

In the average Canadian home, space heating and cooling account for approximately 60% of its annual energy consumption and in most homes, the windows can account for between 20% to 30% of the annual heat loss. By installing high-performance windows, that annual heat loss can be cut drastically, by as much as 60% in some cases. In fact, depending on house design and existing levels of efficiency, switching to high performance windows can yield an immediate savings on space heating costs by anywhere from 9% up to 18%.

House Energy Use

Cooling In Summer

And it doesn’t stop in winter. Summer cooling costs can also be reduced as high-performance windows work equally well at keeping the heat of summer out. The same low-E coating that keeps infrared heat in during winter, keeps unwanted reflective heat out in the summer. The inside stays cooler and cuts down on the workload place on air conditioning equipment.