What is a Spacer?

The spacer is the material that maintains uniform separation between the layers of glass in the glazed unit.

Traditionally spacers have been made of hollow aluminum containing a desiccant drying agent designed to extract the residual moisture left between the glazings at the time of manufacture.


What Is Conductivity?

Conductivity is the process by which heat energy migrates through a material from the warm side to the cold side.

While strong and lightweight, aluminum conducts heat easily and is a source of conductive heat loss and reduced the thermal performance of the glazed component.

Warm Edge Spacers

One of the many technological advances that have been made is the development of warm edge spacers. They are made from insulating material such as foam, butyl, thermo-plastic, or thermally improved metals and therefore conduct significantly less heat energy. The result is a more energy efficient exterior door, patio door or skylight, with reduced heat loss and reduced condensation at the edges of the glazing due to a higher glass temperature.